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The perfect CV? The one that talks about you.

A good CV should be like a business card: essential, clear, and able to furnish salient information up front. Conciseness and clarity can be mixed with a certain amount of one’s personal style so that theCV is transformed into a communication tool. Straightforwardness is the best policy: clearly stating your competencies and aspirations pays off in the long run. In fact, once a person is hired, any information that has been distorted or exaggerated is easily uncovered during everyday working activities.

To give the text structure which enables key information to be found, it is advisable to divide it intoparagraphs based on content. The most frequently used sections are:

Personal data

All the following data are to be included: name and surname (last name), place and date of birth, home address, telephone contacts, e-mail address, and marital status.


Each diploma/degree title and respective graduation date along with the final grade point averages – particularly if these are high or honors marks – should all be stated. Language and computer skills should be included, specifying the skill level for each and any course certificates held.

Work experience

This is the most important part of the CV. In order to construct a timeline of work experience, jobs are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent first and including the duration, position title, and responsibilities. The same structure is used for those who have had different positions within the same company or changed companies within a corporate group.
The name of the organization where you have worked does not have to be stated but it is useful to describe its size (number of employees, turnover) and sector. Furthermore, if you are applying for a position at middle-upper management levels, you can include the name of the person(s) to whom you reported and any resources you managed or coordinated.

Finally, if the CV is in English, it is always advisable to include an Italian version.

Other information

Without going into extensive detail, you can mention hobbies, interests, roles/positions in associations or groups, particularly if these highlight organizational and leadership activities.There are two final considerations to make to avoid that a good CV gets discarded. One is the authorization for the treatment of personal data according to the Privacy law in force(i.e. GDPR UE 2016/679) which must be included. The other deals with theappearance of the CV: spelling and grammar mistakes or typos are all unacceptable regardless of the position for which one is applying.

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