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Looking for a job takes a great deal of time and effort. In a way, one should never stop looking for a job, especially since the working world is in constant evolution and changing roles or companies occurs more frequently. It is fundamental to be able to develop a network of professional relationshipsto cultivate over time and to present yourself to interviewers with an open and, above all, flexible approach. An interview which does not lead to employment can still represent an opportunity to present ourselves. Whomever was not able to help us at a particular moment may contact us in the future (or we can contact them) if we are able to establish a respectful and trusting relationship with them.

If possible, we should have an interview once a year and not only when we are looking for a job. This is useful for understanding how job searches evolve and what new competencies are required. Finally, it is advisable to keep an updated copy of your CV and regularly send it to company or recruiter sites because the most recent applications are the ones which are considered. Make your potential known.

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