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Safety Assessment Leader - H22974


03 - Italia/Emilia Romagna/Bologna; 03 - Italia/Lazio/Roma; 03 - Italia/Liguria/Genova; 03 - Italia/Liguria/Savona; 03 - Italia/Puglia/Bari; 03 - Italia/Toscana/Firenze

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The Role

The Safety Assessment Leader will be part of the ISO 17020 accredited Assessment Body, reporting to Astom HQ, ensuring the independence and impartiality of its mission.
The candidate will execute safety assessment on projects/products, in order to determine whether they meet the specified safety requirements and to form a judgement on the fact that they fit for its intended purpose.

Assessment activities:
  • Plan and manage safety assessment activities for the assigned projects;
  • Deploy safety assessment process applying reference methods and tools in consistency with applicable standards and regulations;
  • In the case where several assessors are involved in the assigned project/product, and in the case of acting as Lead assessor, coordinate the assessment activities;
  • Deliver safety assessment report for the defined key milestones;
  • Present the assessment results to the Project/Product team, and if necessary to the management or to external entity as customer/railway safety authority.
Process management:
  • Apply reference Safety Assessment process and tools, and contribute to its improvement using the Return of Experience process;
  • Manage the workload of assigned projects.
  • Support internal safety reviews when external Independent Safety Assessment is already appointed;
  • Develop safety expertise and provide contribution to other assessors;
  • Contribute to successful achievement of internal/external ISO 17020 audits process compliance.

Educational and Professional Requirements

  • Master Degree in Engineering or similar technical fields;
  • Technical knowledge of safety processes and related methods and tools;
  • Constitute preferential requirements: previous experience in railway Safety Assessment, RAMS domain or significant experience in railway safety systems/products; experience application of CENELEC standards (EN 50126/50129/50128) and EU REgulation n. 402/2013 on CSM-RA;
  • Excellent English proficiency;
  • Ability to challenge and to defend own position;
  • Communication, Pugnacious, Resilient.