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03 - Italia/Lazio/Frosinone; 03 - Italia/Lazio/Roma
 Our client is Avio s.p.a, a leading company in space propulsion. The expertise and know-how acquired in over 100 years in explosives and more than 50 in space activities allows Avio to compete with the top players in the space launch systems definition and integration as well as in the segment of solid, liquid and cryogenic space propulsion.
Avio plays a strategic role in the global space industry through Vega, a light launcher of satellites in the range 1500kg - 2,000kg in LEO produced by ELV and Ariane 5, the biggest european launcher which reaches geostationary orbit at 35,786 kilometers (22,236 miles).
Avio has had its subsidiary facilities at the European Space Centre in French Guiana since 1984
The company was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in april 2017, after the SPAC business combination (special purpose acquisition company) with Space 2.

For Avio we are looking for a Liquid Storable propulsion system engineer

Il Ruolo

-            To design liquid propulsion sub-system for launchers/satellite, following the development and qualification phase;
-             To define Storable propulsion sub-system (architecture, interfaces, layout) and the architectural trade-offs at subsystem level
-             To Establish the components functional specifications
-             To support the follow-up of suppliers: Tanks, thrusters, valves, thermal protections, verifying the design with respect to manufacturing technologies;
-             To support Design Reviews and support the issue of the related technical documentation (technical specifications, interface specifications, justification files, test reports, etc..)
-             To interface System Engineering to assure coherence for the flowdown of requirements

I Requisiti

  • Knowledge of Space propulsion (Architecture, systems)
  • Proven experience in the design and development of liquid storable propulsion Sub-systems, components, valves and pressure control systems for launchers/satellites
  • Knowledge of the Product Development Process (with involvement in all the designing phases, from the conceptual studies to the final qualification) in ESA programs.

Location: Colleferro (Rome)