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Head of Finance and Administration - B23352


04 - Estero/Francia
Our client is Lever Touch, a leading company in the car repair sector, with almost thirty years of experience and a strong presence both nationally and internationally. They operate through 6 worldwide locations.

For the Lyon HQ, we are looking for the Head of Finance and Administration.


Main responsibilities:
  • Organization of activities within their scope and team management
  • Define objectives, establish the necessary resources and management tools.
  • Develop and continuously improve procedures specific to their scope.
  • Implement reporting (monitoring indicators) and internal control (risk prevention).
  • Provide hierarchical supervision to their team and organize their activities.
  • Functionally lead the teams they advise.
  • Financial management
  • Manage accounting: ensure the reliability of accounts, establish and consolidate financial statements, ensure compliance with procedures and accounting standards.
  • Manage treasury: monitor liquidity, plan cash budget and operating budgets, define credit policy, optimize financing, investments, and tax opportunities, participate in strategic investment operations.
  • Manage management control: monitor reporting, perform economic analysis of financial statements, carry out strategic and operational forecasts.
  • Design and draft financial communications for shareholders, investors, analysts, and the public.
  • Administrative and legal management
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory framework.
  • Control legal contracts (insurers, service providers, subcontractors), monitor litigation, manage movable and immovable assets.
  • Manage relationships and negotiate with external partners (bankers, auditors, professional organizations, authorities).
  • Manage strategic cases (mergers, acquisitions, asset divestments, etc.).
  • Maintain legal, regulatory, and economic awareness in their industry (financial, tax, social, environmental standards).


  • University degree
  • At least 5 years of experience in similar roles
  • Previous experience in resource coordination
  • Fluency in english or italian or spanish is mandatory : initial interviews with Human Value will be held in one of the languages mentioned, depending on the preferences expressed by the candidate
On a personal point of View:
  • Strong Team player
  • Leadership skills: ability to envision and engage others
  • Drives performance
  • Ability to deal with different stakeholders
  • Troubleshooting attitude, demonstrated ability to solve problems
  • Learn, Do, teach attitude
  • Never gives up attitude